About BCNet

LMIC Members

Below are presented principal items that were discussed by the Advisory Committee for the criteria for admission as LMIC member.

1. Criteria for candidacy for membership of BCNet and accreditation

  • Recognized institution (public or not-for-profit) established in LMIC with an agreed minimum infrastructure (facilities, systems, personnel, SOPs) for biobanks.
  • Affiliation to established medical or academic institution (university, hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, NGO).
  • Have a clear and identified personnel with regular income.
  • Express through an application the will to be part of BCNet.
  • Agree to pay contribution fee
  • Willingness to participate in joint projects.

2. Criteria for candidacy for affiliate members

  • Be interested in establishing a biobank.
  • Agree to implement best practise principles.
  • Willingness to participate in joint projects.