Partners - Organizations and Networks

Any recognized organizations, societies or institutions whose activities are related directly or indirectly to biobanking and related matters can be BCNet partners.

Partners are expected to provide assistance in biobanking and biobank networking: protocols, quality control, training, education, funding, meetings, collaboration, scientific projects.

Role of identified partners and international organizations/societies

The success of BCNet relies on a clear and strong commitment of the LMIC partners (networks, societies, national biobanks) to put together their respective resources and experiences in biobanking for the common interest of the network. It is only when these efforts are integrated in coordinated programmes that the national and international partners can complement and contribute effectively at different levels to support and assist the network for its development and sustainability.

The partners will contribute to all aspects of biobank networking including developing protocols, SOPs in relation to governance, quality control, management, access and sharing. The partners will also participate in training, education, scientific projects, meetings, and explore funding opportunities.

The organizations and networks which are very active in the field of spreading excellence in biobanking and cohort building and who can establish a strong partnership with BCNet include: