BCNet Governance

In the context of a biobank network, governance refers to a collection of regulations, processes, policies, actions, and guidelines that direct the behaviour of participants for the good operation and sustainability of the network.

The BCNet governance aims to implement clear guidelines on the protection of the rights and confidentiality of individuals who have donated their samples and to ensure that the ethical, legal, and social issues related to biobanking (the collection of biological specimens and data and their use for scientific research) are addressed. This will contribute to the promotion of public confidence and trust in the biobank network and consolidate the integrity of the research community.

The BCNet governance will clearly define the rules and regulations that should be followed, and aims to ensure that the major issues related to the operation of the network are treated similarly and equally and that, therefore, problems can be anticipated and reasonable solutions found.

IARC is the coordinator of BCNet. All LMIC institutions and international organizations and societies who were invited to the first BCNet International Working Group meeting, held on 25-26 September 2013 in Lyon, were automatically invited to become founding members of BCNet.

An Advisory Committee and Working Groups were formed to fulfil the objectives of the network.